Saturday, April 14, 2007


As of today I am licensed to drive and registered to vote in the state of Pennsylvania. I was a bit worried about having all of the identification that was required... To demonstrate that I am who I am, I needed both my passport and social security card. I had the passport (no problem!), but I had actually never seen my social security card before -- my passport had always sufficed. I got a hold of my social security card (never detached from its flimsy paper form!), so I was all set on that front. To demonstrate that I live where I live was harder... I need two forms of proof, one of which is the lease agreement (which I have -- but it actually says the wrong address on it because of a photocopy error). The other was harder... I could use a W2, but those are in Boston. I could use a utility bill, but those are in Joseph's name. But a printed scanned copy of a W2 turned out to work.

So was I missing anything after all that? I had no way to pay them the $26 they charge for a license... They don't take cash! They don't take plastic! They only take checks or money orders!

Fortunately, in the same mall was a counter to buy money orders, for a fee... I think PennDOT is in league with this company...