Monday, November 26, 2012

Differential privacy videos online!

Have you always wanted to learn about differential privacy, but haven't had the time/motivation to read all of the papers? Do you have 3 hours to kill? Well you are in luck! There are now 3 excellent tutorial videos online for you to enjoy! These are from the DIMACS workshop that Adam Smith and I ran last month.

  1. Moritz Hardt gives a tutorial on multiplicative weights in differential privacy:
  2. Gerome Miklau gives a tutorial on the matrix mechanism and related work in differential privacy:
  3. Benjamin Pierce gives a tutorial on differentially private programming languages:
  4. I give a tutorial on game theory and differential privacy:

These tutorials all assume some familiarity with differential privacy (I don't think differential privacy is actually -defined- in any of them). For some light reading to fill in some of the background, you can check out my course notes.