Saturday, October 10, 2015

Penn is Hiring in Computer Science

Penn Engineering is embarking on a period of substantial growth, and the computer science department plans to hire lots of people over the next several years. (You can see a draft of the Penn Engineering plan for growth here. "Data Science and Computation" and Security are both priority areas).

This year, we are planning to hire for multiple positions, both junior and senior, with a focus on (among other things), machine learning. 

So if you are on the market (or thinking about it), send us your application -- apply here: 

(Unless you want to apply for an endowed chair in computer graphics -- then apply here: )

Edit: I forgot to mention! Interest in machine learning is university wide -- both statistics and ESE also plan to hire in machine learning.
Here is the link for applying to the statistics position:
And here is the link for ESE: