Tuesday, June 09, 2015

An action packed Monday at FCRC

FCRC begins next week, and due to the wonders of co-location will be action packed. (Monday will have among other things EC workshops, as well as the first full day of STOC talks). I've found myself on the organizing committee of two of the three EC workshops, and Monday is also when our STOC paper is scheduled.

So here are three (partially) conflicting events you might be interested in:

NetEcon 2015: Highlights include excellent keynote speakers: Rakesh Vohra at  9:00 am, Eva Tardos at 2:00 pm, and R. Srikant at 4:00 pm

The Workshop on Algorithmic Game Theory and Data Science: This workshop is highlighting work in a very exciting area -- the intersection between "data science" and mechanism design -- which is at its very beginning, and I think ripe for lots of important work to be done. Its also attracted a great lineup of speakers (my student Steven will be giving the talk on our paper).

The STOC presentation of our paper, Preserving Statistical Validity in Adaptive Data Analysis: This is at 1:55pm, unfortunately conflicting with NetEcon -- but the attendees of the AGT + Data Science workshop will get a break in order to attend. Vitaly will be giving the talk, which I expect will be very good.

If you want to hear a longer (but probably less good) version of the talk, you can tune in tomorrow at 1pm eastern when I talk about this paper for TCS+

EDIT: The video of the talk is here. It went off with only one technical hitch.