Friday, December 04, 2009

MIT + Social Media + Red Balloons

The DARPA network challenge begins tomorrow: They will place 10 red balloons throughout the country, and the first team to find them all wins $40,000.

The MIT team is operating through a social-network experiment: if you find a balloon for the team, you get some money. Whoever recruited you to the team gets half that amount, and whoever recruited them gets half of that again. So on and so forth.

So sign up as my recruit, recruit people yourself, and win money from DARPA.


Aleksander said...

Too be honest, it seems that this system does NOT create incentive to become somebody's recruit. I get the same money no matter whether I will be your recruit or just sign up directly at the site. And no offence, but I might prefer that the money that would go to you, go to charity instead :) After all, you probably have high stipend and such ;)

Anonymous said...

Here is what one group is doing:

Aaron said...

The MIT team just won.